Core Values in Action

Respect - Honor the worth and dignity of all individuals. Act courteously, civilly, peaceably, and nonviolently. Be tolerant and accepting of differences. (Josephson Institute)

Integrity - Be honest. Don't deceive, cheat, or steal. Be reliable - do what you say you'll do. Have the courage to do the right thing. Build a good reputation. Be loyal - stand by your family, friends, and country. (Josephson Institute)

Responsibility - Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes. Strive for excellence and self-improvement. Set a good example for others. (Josephson Institute)

Citizenship - Obey laws in good faith. Do your share to improve the well-being of fellow citizens and the community. (Josephson Institute)

SADD takes on Mental Health Awareness Month

One in five teenagers have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Out of the 20% of teenagers who have a mental disorder, 70% do not receive treatment.  Students against destructive decisions (SADD) have taken a lead to combat the stigma against mental illness and provide information to gain and maintain a healthy mind. During the month of May, positive announcements were read each morning in order to encourage two different points. The first is to strengthen positive relations between students. The second is to encourage healthy behaviors that are proven to increase mental stability and organization while decreasing stress and anxiety.

SADD, in addition to the announcements, decided to take the information straight to the public in a very sweet way. SADD produced three bags of mental health facts attached to fun size candies and gave them away during lunchtime on Friday May 30th 2014.  Having the candies attached to the facts forces people to see the facts before eating the candy therefore spreading the information and giving it a special touch so that people will remember it.

SADD challenges the NVD community to answer the following question: Who cares about mental health? We hope the answer is everyone; everyone should care about his or her mental health. Your brain not only controls your entire body but also stores all of your memories, personality traits and other things specifically tailored to fit you as an individual. Your brain is what makes you who you are so if your brain and mind are not healthy, you are not healthy. Mental health should be a priority in everyone's lives.  The brain controls the entire body, so protect it and keep it healthy.

Typhoon Hayian Relief
Students Nicole Bulawin and Ana Fernandez helped organize a collection for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  Philippine Television network ABS-CBN is helping to distribute items and funds to as many affected areas as possible.

Flip-Flops for the Philippines: The NVRHS community assisted Norwood parent Nina Pineda and WABC TV in a footwear drive to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Families donated outgrown flip-flops to be sent to the hard hit city of Tacloban for distribution to the children who are currently barefoot walking over contaminated and dangerous debris.

Unity Day
As part of Respect Week, Northern Valley celebrated National Unity Day ñ promoting the safety and well-being of all students.  Through the work of the SADD clubs, students and staff showed their support by wearing orange. The Art Club helped make banners while the SADD club handed out orange ribbon pins and had students sign a pledge not to bully and to report bullying.

Gifts for GIs
The Gifted and Talented Club is working to support Gifts for GIs, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our service men, women & their families by collecting Pop Tarts, microwavable popcorn and travel-sized toiletries.


Peer Mediation Training
In Demarest, twenty-seven peer mediators participated in team-building and conflict-resolution training.  These students raise awareness of healthy conflict resolution and help provide a place for students to resolve their conflicts in a constructive and positive way - supporting a safer school environment.

peer mediaiton2.jpg

Random Acts of Kindness
In October, a small and anonymous group calling themselves 'the Character Ed Kids' identified several teachers from each department and "ghosted" them by leaving them a bag a candy and note of gratitude. Their purpose is to help people pause, reflect and feel good for a moment.  They tell us that these little acts help them feel great, too.

ce ghosting.jpg

Business Class Puts Sports Marketing Curriculum into Action
On Friday, May 3rd, Ms. Lopus' Sports and Entertainment Marketing class sponsored a fundraiser baseball game between Demarest and Old Tappan. Former NY Giant and 1986 Superbowl champion Karl Nelson and former NY Jets running back and kick returner, Bruce Harper, threw out the first pitch. The students raised over $1,500 for 'Coaches vs. Cancer' by selling concessions and holding a raffle for sports autographed photos of NY Giants players and an autographed baseball by NY Yankee's pitcher Joba Chamberlain.


Hearts to Newtown
The STEP, Bridge & Art Club participated in a fundraiser for Newtown Connecticut. The students made cards for the donors to sign as they collected donations at Northern Valley.  The art club students also made and sold bracelets. They raised $900 for the Newtown community that they delivered on April 19th.  The students visited Merry Hill Daycare, as well as St. John's Food Pantry.


Challenger Basketball
Supported by the Closter Elks Club and the Closter Recreation program, differently-abled students work with volunteer coaches in the Challenger Basketball program. Parents, players and coaches have a great time together, and cannot say enough about the benefits they enjoy through this program.


Save Our Planet Earth (S.O.P.E.) - Waste Stream Superhero
Twenty-one students and four teachers participated in S.O.P.E.'s sixth annual Waste Stream Superhero competition, in which contestants had to carry around with them any trash they could not recycle or compost over the course of the week.  This taught students what can and cannot be recycled and what can be composted.  Participants used the school's recycling bins and the composter in the organic garden.  The winner, Krista Budinich, had nothing in her bag at week's end.


Save Our Planet Earth (S.O.P.E.) - Oradell Resevoir Cleanup
Members of S.O.P.E donned gloves, picked up tools and filled garbage bags with refuse - helping restore the Oradell Resevoir to its natural beauty.


Great Jeans Giveaway
To support National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Feb 25- March 1, NVD SADD (students against destructive decisions) collected jeans to support the Great Jeans Giveaway.  Students were asked to donate their old jeans that no longer fit to encourage the acceptance of one's natural shape and size.  "Be comfortable in your genes. Wear jeans that fit the real you!" was the motto for this campaign.  Additionally, in an effort to promote self-esteem and confidence in one's own skin, mirrors in the school were covered to support Mirror Less Monday on Feb. 25th.

SoMo Freshmen Labs
Students volunteered to be part of a 6 session series of Social Emotional learning labs facilitated by Positive Psychologist, Louis Alloro. Students have been learning how to take charge of their own happiness and therefore their own success. Lessons have focused on resiliency, personal strengths and how to engage in exercises that foster happiness.

Happy The Movie
On the last day of midterms, all students watched the film, “Happy” in their homerooms. This film sets out to answer questions about what makes us truly happy in life. While money, image and status are sought after, it turns out that family, personal growth and service to others may truly contribute to well-being. Student Peer Mentors and Mediators who were trained to help fellow students process these key concepts led small group discussions.

English Class hosts Michael Robertson Poetry Festival -  Comoses Poem Using Themes from Happy
Mr. Camminiti's English class held a poetry festval where Guest poets shared readings. The class invited the school community to help composed a poem based on the themes in the film Happy.

Julia Weldon with Students
Frank Messina Reading to Students
Michael Cerelli Visits Poetry Class

Excerpts from Happy Poem:
Being free to express
Our many free choices
Hard work and Effort
Never alone, Everyone together
Friendships that last forever
Seeing Julia Weldon perform
Fresh Chocolate chip cookies

Free minded people are cool
Students that love to learn
Happy people make me happy
Eating Pie on Pi day
Gluing pieces of life together
Skills will last a lifetime
Every class brings new information

Fresh start, new beginning, new atmosphere
Hallways that are filled with students
Success that comes from hard work

Outreach to Newtown, CT
Winter 2012/13: OT Teacher Peter Dunn and NVD Librarian, Courtney Reinfried collected Snowflakes for Newtown which were used to decorate the new school for students in Connecticut.
Both the Art Club and The Transition Programs (STEP, Bridge) coordinated fundraisers for the community and business members of Newtown, Connecticut. Students collected donations and signed cards to show support.  Proceeds were donated to a local business in Newtown (Peachwave frozen yogurt) so the residents of Newtown can receive free yogurt.

Habitat for Humanity
Juniors and Seniors in the Bridge Program participated in The Zoey Project in New Milford on December 11th. Students donated time and energy to help a refurbish the home of a diabled child so that it could better meet her needs.

Natural Beauty Day (No make up day)
NVOT junior Lauren Alberti took an idea from her church group take a day-long pledge not to wear makeup.  A group of peers discussing body image in modern society concluded that they were part of the problem, and believe the only way to change the growing epidemic of low self-esteem and eating disorders amongst young girls was to stand up for themselves. Their pledge makes statement that women need not blindly accept media messages out about a women's body image. Lauren created a Facebook group, inviting other peers to join the pledge.  Over 120 joined in one day, celebrating natural and inner beauty inside all of us. The event was shown on Channel 4 news.

Hurricane Sandy Relief
Our Step and Access students joined forces with Kate and Jim from 102.7 to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The students not only organized a district-wide Relief Drive - which donated cleaning supplies, perishables foods, batteries, and other related items - but they were able to share their experience on the air during the Kate and Jim Morning Show on November 28th.


Members of the Old Tappan Football helped collect and distribute blankets, water, and food to Sandy victims in Moonachie, NJ.


Cancer Relief Drive

Domestic Abuse Awareness

Anti-Bullying Video
Student's Anti-Bullying video selected as 'best-in-grade-level' - Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office’s “Don’t Stand By for Bullying Contest.”
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Northern Valley Students Earn BCSCA Caring Award
We are proud to announce that NVOT's Samantha McBride, and NVD's Daniel Reinke have been selected to receive the Bergen County School Counselors Association Caring Award for 2012.  They have been recognized for outstanding involvement in volunteer work that benefits their community. Congratulations!

Northern Valley Teacher Visits Haiti
"I recently went on a trip to Haiti to visit a child who my family has been sponsoring through World Vision. After the devastating earthquake two years ago, thousands of families are still left without homes. I was able to see the conditions in the main city, as well as travel into a distant village where our sponsored child lives. Before traveling, I raised money from friends and fellow teachers. I brought the money and toys to the 6-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother and several siblings. I traveled four hours by car and Angel traveled two hours by donkey so that we could meet. It was an incredibly rewarding and spiritual experience." - Steve LoPresti


Core Values Quotations
Northern Valley staff members share some favorite quotations on the values of Respect and Integrity. Quotations are posted in several locations throughout the building, read during morning announcements and advertized on the marquee.

Business students illustrate quotations as part of a project for Black History Month
Art students create Core Values quotation posters as part of a class project

Resilience in the face of the 'Storm of the Century' - Twice!

School Swap - 2011
Following the historic Halloween storm of 2011, during which we suffered major power outages, the district made its own history, holding classes for one building in the physical space of another.  With resilience and good-natured cooperation from all of our students, parents and school personnel, we coped with a rather significant challenge in our lives.  Demarest High School students handled living in a different building, while their brothers and sisters in Old Tappan High School showed hospitality and flexibility in welcoming others graciously into their home. It is as a result of this spirit of cooperation that we were able to maximize the educational opportunities for all students in the district.

Split Days - 2012
Almost one year to the day, Hurricane Sandy came roaring through our area, causing massive disruptions across the region.  Northern Valley Regional made its own history by hosting both high schools in the Demarest building in split sessions.  For two days, Demarest opened up its doors to the students of Old Tappan each afternoon.  Once again, we were abe to maximize educational opportunities for all of our students during a time when many area schools simply had to remain closed.  As a token of appreciation, students from Old Tappan baked cookies to share with the Demarest school community.