Guest Speakers and Programs

Northern Valley invites guests, speakers and experts to address students, faculty and parents.

  • Paula Mirk, Director of Education at the Institute for Global Ethics, who addressed faculty about the Ethical Literacy framework and potential strategies for working with students to examine ethical decisionmaking.

  • Mrs. Mirk also introduced high school and middle school counselors to the Ethical LIteracy framework, explore future discussions with parents about "Courage in Parenting" - with the constructs found in Rushworth M. Kidder book Good Kids, Tough Choices. The training included a discussion of the three lenses:
  • Lens 1: Knowing What's Right - The Early Years
  • Lens 2: Making Tough Choices - The Middle Years
  • Lens 3: Standing for Conscience - The Later Years
        as well as the four paradigms of 'Right vs. Right' dilemmas:
  • Truth vs Loyalty?
  • Self vs Community?
  • Short Term vs Long Term?
  • Justice vs Mercy?

  • Northern Valley graduate Dr. Gloria Park talks to student-athletes - about visualzing future success.

  • Louis J Alloro M.Ed. MAPP, graduate of Northern Valley, conducted SOMO (social emotional) Leadership Labs to staff, administration and students as "an intentional effort to bring the science of success, well being and happiness" to our district.

  • Simon Sinek, graduate of Northern Valley and author, who addressed staff and students about defining their 'Why' and recognizing their potential.

  • Dr. Mykee Fowlin presented his program “You Donít Know Me Until You Know Me” to all students which challenged students to accept differences and encouraged all of us to be ourselves.

  • Matt Bellace provided an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation about finding natural highs, making good choices and building resilience.

  • Eileen Corvelli and Susan Haguy of Care Plus New Jersey who stressed issues of stress management and coping skills.