Program of Studies

The Northern Valley schools have a reputation of excellence in education. This has been accomplished by a dedicated staff, supportive parents, concerned communities and, of course, students who are sincerely interested in learning. Our schools have graduated many successful people; some live in the communities, some work in the communities, some might even be parents of the students who are entering as freshmen. When you speak to our graduates, they have pride in our school and they will tell you how well they have been prepared for further education or work.


We, at Northern Valley Regional High School
District, provide an environment in which each student seeks answers to questions, challenges  assumptions and develops self-worth. Out high schools encourage  individual academic excellence, aesthetic appreciation and moral integrity. Recognition of  academic and cultural diversity promotes  mutual respect and acceptance.

We provide a  framework for the immediate and future concerns of our  students. Such  provisions require a constantly critical reevaluation of curriculum and course design to keep  abreast of global research and new techniques within our respective disciplines. We promote students’ respect for learning and their desire to  acquire knowledge through traditional, as well as appropriate technological, means.

Education requires a shared commitment.
Therefore, the   responsibility of the community is to support and   complement the school’s philosophy
and goals. This joint commitment of  students, professional staff, Board of Education and community forms the basis for a challenging and effective program.

Northern Valley is a truly comprehensive high school offering something for everyone. There is a tremendous selection of elective and academic courses.

Mr. Matthew Spatz, Director of Guidance
In providing a thorough and efficient education, our goals are to:
  • Impart knowledge.
  • Teach subject matter.
  • Promote honesty.
  • Act ethically.
  • Act morally.
  • Promote mutual trust and respect.
  • Develop the ability to cope with and learn from failure as well as success.
  • Encourage a love of learning throughout life.
  • Communicate clearly and accurately.
  • Foster critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Enhance our status as a comprehensive high school by encouraging students
  • to acquire a breadth of knowledge.
  • Provide a learning environment in which each student can develop to potential.
  • Provide a supportive environment for the exchange of ideas.
  • Define and test assumptions and ideas.
  • Help students understand their roles in the twenty-first century.
  • Encourage students to become contributing members of society.
  • Foster an appreciation and understanding of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic diversity.
  • Understand the function of technology.
  • Advocate participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Foster participation in community service and activities.
  • Encourage the effective use of time.
  • Promote esthetic appreciation of the visual, performing, literary, and practical arts.
  • Develop the skills necessary for leading a responsible family life.
  • Encourage a commitment to the practice of responsible citizenship in a democratic society.
  • Appreciate beauty in the world.
  • Create an awareness of career, vocational and academic opportunities.
  • Develop the knowledge and attitudes that promote and maintain personal,
  • as well as public, health, and social concerns.
  • Encourage the protection and preservation of the environment.
  • Prepare students for their places in the global network.
  • Incorporate technology as an appropriate teaching method.
  • Develop and expand communication skills through the acquisition of additional languages.
  • Provide a staff of specialists in appropriate areas.
  • Provide alternative learning programs to accommodate all students’ abilities and needs.