HIB Reporting Hotline Demarest

HIB Reporting Hotline:

201-768-3200 ext. 11000

If you feel that the student is in immediate danger, please dial 911.

To report an alleged HIB violation please provide the following:

1. Your name and contact information.

2. Name and grade of the alleged victim.

3. Name of the person or persons responsible for the alleged HIB violation.

4. Description of the alleged incident, and any other information you feel would be helpful.

This information can also be given anonymously.
If you feel that the student is in immediate danger, please hang up and dial 911 for assistance. If this call is after school hours or on a weekend please hang up and dial 911 for assistance or an administrator will return your call when school reopens.

If after reporting the alleged incident to the Hotline you still would like to speak with someone, please refer to the contact information listed below:

Mr. Keith Johnson, Assistant Principal for grades 9 and 11
Email: johnsonk@nvnet.orgExt: 13030

Mr. Gaetano Sollazzo, Assistant Principal for grades 10 and 12
Email: sollazzog@nvnet.org Ext: 13050

Dr. Timothy Gouraige, Principal
Email: gouraige@nvnet.org Ext: 13000

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator:

Mr. Matthew Spatz
District Director of Guidance
Ext: 13130

School Psychologist
Dr. Angelica Fahey
Ext. 13542

Ms. Kristen Sellix
Wellness Coordinator/
School Social Worker

Email: sellix@nvnet.org
Ext. 12086     

Ms. Courtney Moran
School Psychologist
Email:  moranc@nvnet.org
Ext: 13105

Anti-Bullying Specialists:

Mr. Michael O'Malley
Lead Guidance Counselor
Email: o'malley@nvnet.org
Ext. 13100

Ms. Colleen Spafford
Guidance Counselor
Email: spafford@nvnet.org
Ext: 13280

Ms. Jennifer Ferraro
Guidance Counselor

Email: ferraroj@nvnet.org

Ext: 13090

Ms. Rebecca Glennon
Guidance Counselor
Ext:  13080

Mr. Howard Tiell
Guidance Counselor
Email:  tiell@nvnet.org
Ext. 13540

Ms. Kerri Nick
School Social Worker
Email:  nick@nvnet.org
Ext:  12330

Ms. Debbie Bajakian
Student Assistance Counselor
Ext: 13260

Tracey Salerno
Guidance Counselor
     Ext. 13115     

Ms. Renee Carroll
Email:  carrollr@nvnet.org
Ext:  12185

 Student Parent HIB Reporting Form.pdf
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