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Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan is proud of the Debate Team and advisors, Ms. Maggie Rabelo and Ms. Katelyn Gallagher on a great competition at NVOT on February 2nd.

1st place team: Danielle Mimeles/Joel Stanley
1st place speaker: Jane Kim/Rida Qureshi
2nd place speaker- Joel Stanley 3rd pl. speaker: Craig Schulman/Jinny Hwang Most Valuable
Judge: Josh Lee

Debate Team group 2-2-18.jpg
Debate Team 2 awards 2-2-18.jpg

1st photo: Debate Team and Advisors

2nd photo: Award Winners pictured left to right:
Rida Qureshi, Jinny Hwang, Danielle Mimeles, Joel Stanley, Jane Kim, Craig Schulman, and Josh Lee