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Northern Valley Alumni Association
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Northern Valley Alumni Association Activities


The Alumni Association awards scholarships each year to a Northern Valley graduating senior who is the son or daughter of a Northern Valley Alumni.  This year two $500 scholarships will be awarded - one at Northern Valley - Demarest and one at Northern Valley - Old Tappan.  Students who wish to apply should contact the Guidance Office at either high school.



The Northern Valley Alumni Association is looking for individuals to sponsor scholarships for deserving students. You can donate anonymously, in memory of a classmate or loved one, or in your own name. We can not think of a better gift. Contact Dr. Raupers or Mr. Hessler for more information.



The Northern Valley Alumni Association consists of volunteers who have organized and supported a variety of programs since its inception in 1996.  Among these activities is the annual recognition of former graduates of the Demarest and Old Tappan high schools who have exhibited outstanding citizenship by their contributions to their community and society.  Recipients are honored at the June commencement exercises and their names are inscribed on a plaque permanently displayed in each school.

Previous recipients are:

Alumni Award Recipients for NV - Demarest

2002 - Gregory Linteris, Ph.D
2003 - John Morgan Cosgrove, M.D.
2004 - Julie Stein Brockway
2005 - Bert Ammerman
2006 - Deborah Krieger Jennings
2007 - Grant Simons, M.D.
2008 - Evan Cooper
2009 - Andrea Parodi
2010 - John Solecki
2011 - Dr. Takashi Sasaki

Alumni Award Recipients for NV - Old Tappan

2002 - William Van Der Beek
2003 - Susan Roma
2004 - Cory A. Booker
2005 - Marc Friedberg, MD, Ph. D
2006 - Rev. Edward Max Hasse, III
2007 - Kateri A. Clement
2008 - Peter Zahos, MD
2009 - Brian Schulkin
2010 - John Housley
2011 -  William McGurn


NV Alumni are invited to make use of our website.  We will be pleased to post your reunion announcements or your email or facebook addresses.  Please see the tabs above for current postings.  Send reunion information or addresses  to Mr. Evan Cooper, Treasurer at ( or to Dr. Patricia Murphy Raupers, Secretary at (
We will also post memorial announcemnts - again, please see the tab above.

Our Mission, Goals and Objectives

In The Beginning..

In late November, 1996, the first meeting of the Northern Valley Regional High School District Alumni Association Executive Board took place. This board consists of several prominent Northern Valley Alumni from both Northern Valley Old Tappan and Demarest schools. The board elected its 1998 officers in late January 1998. In February of 1997, the board adopted a mission statement.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of the NVRHS Alumni Association to provide a wide range of benefits and services to its fellow alumni members, as well as to the undergraduate districts. This will be done through the assistance of local, regional, and national business communities and our sponsoring Educational Foundation. We will provide innovative and creative opportunities for teaching, learning, networking and sharing that are not covered by the NVRHS Educational Foundation.
We propose to carry out our mission through the following goals and objectives:

Goals And Objectives

1.  Establish a NVRHS Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.

2.  Improve current database to provide a tool for alumni, undergraduates,
and businesses and organizations to share resources.

3.  Launch a Newsletter to be published twice a year. Contents to include:
Membership Forum News on Alumni and District Administration/Staff

4.  Sponsor and support programs not currently funded in the high school's district budget.

5.  Serve as a liaison and facilitator of individual class reunions.

6.  Plan events, honoring distinguished alumni in their respective field of accomplishment or honoring a district educator for providing extraordinary services. A variety of funding programs will be developed to achieve these goals. They include, but are not limited to:

Memorials and tributes from individuals and businesses.

Planned and deferred donations, with tax incentives.

Alumni contributions, with tax incentives.

Campaigns for large projects and/or programs involving alumni as individuals or with their corporations and private foundations.

We expect to increase our visibility and funding through press releases and attendance at school events. In all cases, the Alumni Association will not compete with existing fundraising activities. We will create fund attraction opportunities aimed at individual, corporations, and other foundations for the purpose of achieving our stated goals. The NVRHS Alumni Association will maintain its dynamic growth in our initial agenda, as well as through the development and opportunities as the relate to educational excellence.