Northern Valley Educational Foundation 162 Knickerbocker Road Demarest, NJ 07627 201-768-3200

In 1992, the Northern Valley Educational Foundation was founded to fund
a variety of programs not readily available through other sources.
It consists of representatives from the communities of Closter, Demarest,
Harrington Park, Haworth,Northvale, Norwood, and Old Tappan,
and has awarded over $95,000 to all schools in the districts of the Northern Valley
in the form of Teacher Mini-Grants.
The type and variety of programs developed by the teachers are very impressive,
and these awards have served to enrich the experiences of our students

The Board of Trustees of the Northern Valley Educational Foundation proudly acknowledges the efforts of our teachers who have been awarded
privately financed mini-grants.
Their innovative and exciting ideas are available to be shared by
all Northern Valley school districts, and are another example of how
our communities work to maintain a high standard of educational excellence.
We look forward to providing an ever increasing amount of private support
for education in the future.
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